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MS-H-Pro T LCD Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer with Timer


• Brushless DC motor is maintenance free and explosion-proof

• Digital temperature control with max. temperature at 340°C

• Digital speed control with max. speed up to 1500rpm

• Max. stirring quantity of H2O at 20L

• Safety circuits provide overheating protection

• The “HOT” warning will flash if the plate temperature is above 50°C even when the hotplate is turned off

• Wide range timer function from 1min to 99h59min(MS-H-ProT only)

• High-resolution LCD display shows actual temperatures and speed (MS-H-ProT displays the time also)

• External temperature control is possible by connecting the temperature sensor(PT 1000) with accuracy at ±0.2°C

• Stainless steel work plate with ceramic coating provides good chemical-resistant performance

• Remote function provides PC control and data transmission


Аксессуары для мешалок MS-H-Pro T, MS7-H550-S, MS7-H550-PRO, MS-H280-Pro

Мешалка магнитная  с подогревом MS-H-Pro TУвеличить 

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