Баня лабораторная 6-местная HWS-26

Баня лабораторная 6-местная HWS-26

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Баня лабораторная 6-местная HWS-26


Provided for precise and constant temperature and auxiliary heating in colleges industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research departments
1. Microprocessor control with timing function
2. Digital display
3. Audible and visible alarm for over temperature
Option: Intelligent programmable temperature controller(LCD)
Model Water Bath Oil Bath
HWS-12 HWS-24 HWS-26 HWS-28 DU-20
Electrical Requirements 220V 50HZ
500W 1000W 1500W 2000W 1000W
Temperature Range RT+5~99℃ RT+20~200℃
Temperature Stability ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
Tracking Aarm  ±2℃
Chamber Volume


9.9L 14.8L 19.8L 12L
Interior Dimension
150×300×110   300×300×110 450×300×110 600×300×110 250×250×200
Timing Range 1~9999min
Remark Two holes Double lines
four holes
Double lines six holes Double lines eight holes  

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