Натрий полиакрилат, для искусственного снега, цена за 1 кг

Натрий полиакрилат, для искусственного снега, цена за 1 кг

670.00 руб


670.00 руб за кг

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  Наименование за кг
1 Натрий полиакрилат, косметический 0,5 кг 840
  1 кг 760
  25 кг 685
2 Натрий полиакрилат, для шоу,         1 кг 660
  25 кг 590


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Sodium polyacrylate

Партия: 2016030101

Дата: 03,2016

Used for Artificial snow



Artificial snow -- is a high-tech chemical products and a polymer chemical, polymer means long chain molecules. Artificial snow take advantage of hydrophilia to water (water molecules penetrate into it). When the water molecules be in contact with the polymer, from external into the internal, it’ll be expansion. The polymer chains are flexible, but they can not be extended after a certain length. The product is fine granular, there is no difference with true snow after water absorption. White, glittering and translucent, thawless, feels cool, the feeling of snow, and it’s non-toxic, harmless, non polluting. The product can also be used for shopping malls decoration, Christmas decoration, film and television, stage scenery, etc..                         

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