Ультразвуковая мойка (ванна) TH- 100B, 4 л

Ультразвуковая мойка (ванна) TH- 100B, 4 л

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Ультразвуковая мойка (ванна) TH- 100B, 4 л




Main Design Data

Technical parameters:


Ultrasonic Power: 100W

Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz OR 25KHz

Timing Range: 0-199mins

Tank Size: 300*150*100mm

Capacity: up  to 4L

Drainage: Yes

Lid: Yes

Basket: Yes

Heating: Yes

Temperature Range: 20-80(100)degree, adjustable.



1.1-199 minutes adjustable, to accurately calculate seconds

2. industrial control chip microcontroller

3.digital display, time, temperature at a glance

4. flexible circuit boards control, more security, stability

5. the power and memory function parameters

 It is made of stainless material, good surface,stable functions,high efficiency,

long life, it mainly be used in laboratory, shop as well as samll batch work

from factory, to clean Jewelry ornament, watchs, glasses, glass parts,watch crust

and band,pinter spraying head, electronic components(ex: Sillicon clip, magnetic parts,etc.), still it can be used in extraction, degassing,froth breaking, emulsification, accelerating solvent and ceramic aspect,etc.

TH serise intelligent Ultrasonic Cleaner(200W-1000W)

Feature: touch to press key, digital timer:(0-199mins)

Temperature Control:(0-100degree) adjustable power:(40-100%)


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