Реактор 20 л стекло HEB-20

Реактор 20 л стекло HEB-20

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Реактор 20 л стекло HEB-20

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Реактор 20 л HEB-20

Реактор 20 л HEB-20


  1. Item                 Part                        

NO                  Numbr           Description

1.                  HEB-10           Condenser

2.                  HEB-15           Connection Joint

3.                  HEB-11           Electric Stirrer Motor(Proof-Explosive)

                                       50-900rpm  Power:200W

4.                  HEB13            Pressure Meter Max pressure 0.098Mpa

5.                  HEB-07-12         Receiving Flask(2L-5L Optional)

6.                  HEB-99-16         5-Neck Lid diameter for Middle:60,Left:40,

                                        Right:50,Back:34mm, Front:29mm

7.                  HEB-FC-307          Frequency-Convertor for Digital Display

8.                  HEB-BP-502           Beaded Pipe Coupling(outlet)

9.                  HEB-BP-503           Beaded Pipe Coupling(Inlet)

10.                 HEB-JR-111        20L Jacketed Vessel

11.                 HEB-ST-101        Stirrer Shaft Stainless, Teflon Agitator

12.                 HEB-RH-210        Teflon Support Ring “O”

13.                 HEB-DS-158         Discharging Valve  Not Existing Materials

14.                 HEB-LC-199         Heavy Duty Lockable Casters

15.                 HEB-VM-201           Vacuum Mouth

16.                 HEB-SF-08            Support Frame,Stainless

17.                 HEB-CP-0             Constant Pressure Funnel

18.                 HEB-PTFE             PTFE cover for big mouth

19.                 HEB-GV               Glass Valve

20.                 HEB-TP                Bushing of temperature meter

21.                 HEB-FS                various kind of clamps


Name of equipment: 20L Cylindrical Jacketed Reactor



Main Design Data

ReactionFlask(L):20,FlaskNicks:5,Stirring Power:200W,RotationSpeed:50-900rpm,Torque:15000g.cm,ElectricalRequirements:220V,50Hz,OverallDimension:61*41*180cm.



Circulation liquid of hot, cold or cryogenic can be filled into the jacket of reactor. Substance reacts by stirring under normal or negative pressure in aieproof glass container. Reaction process can be watched clearly through crystal reaction flask. Jacket Glass Reactor is ideal equipment in library experiment or medium-production in moden biology and pharmcy, and is also applied in synthesizing materials in fine chemical industry.

Features in Design:

1. Integrated jacket reaction flask has big caliber with good seal and high strength.

2. Professional PTFE cover supports high speed stirring in vacuum.

3. Three standard mouths can be used for umlti-purpose according to customer needs. Standard fitting are chatging cork, thermometer tube, and reflux condenser. (Customization available for special needs)

4. More designs on safe and easy operation are applied on models of 20L and above.

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